Two hand fed cockatiels concluding the cage and stand. If interested please text cuz I cannot answer the phone if Im at work telephone if intetested.
I have a 3yr old Parakeet and Cockatiel that i need to re-home. They have to go together because they are pals.I have not had much time to spend with them therefore they are not very tame at this time. They will climb on your finger but they will pretty much jump off right away. It will take about 2 or 3 weeks of constant handling to get them back to satisfactory tame status. They will come wit...

Bird Aviary

Large custom bird aviary, solid oak, custom built and includes 2 female cockatiels and accessories. Cost over $4000.00 and is less than a year old. The cage is beautiful and is equipped with lights. Must see to appreciate.$2000.00.
Very nice heavy duty triple stack bird cage. Has trays just not pictured. Each door has a key lock. upgraded casters. Also comes with 6 nest boxes. Awesome set up for cockatiel breeding or whatever else.
I am selling a very nice Medium to Large sized bird cage with a bunch of accessories.I had a cockatiel in there, but a larger bird may also fit